Tele-Consultation Service

Enjoy online consultations with our Consultant Doctor from the comfort of your home.

The regular consultation,
now Online.

Have peace of mind by consulting with our Consultant Doctor from the convenience of your home. Get a fast, accurate, and personalized treatment plan via our latest technology.

How To Get Started?

Follow the steps below to get started, it’s that easy.
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

STEP 1: Schedule Your Preferred Date/Time

Book an appointment by phone: +6010-2277 338 or WhatsApp us. Our Customer Care Representatives will be in contact with you for confirmation.

STEP 2: Start of Tele-Consultation

Our Consultant Doctor will conduct the Tele-Consultation with you. In this consultation, you will receive a full assessment and check-up. You may also be required to perform certain movements and tests for the diagnosis of your condition.

STEP 3: Personalized Care Plan

Once all the tests and diagnoses are completed, you will be receiving a Personalized Care Plan for your condition.
The Personalized Care Plan will consist of:

  • Home self-management treatments
  • Prescription home therapeutic exercises
  • Frequency & Duration of the above treatments
  • Evaluating if face-to-face treatment is deemed “ESSENTIAL”.

*If face-to-face treatment is deemed as “ESSENTIAL ” in your Personalized Care Plan, we will schedule an appointment for Home Physiotherapy sessions. (Our Licensed Physiotherapist comes to your home fully equipped with all the necessary equipment.)

STEP 4: Future Progression

At the end of the consultation, our Consultant Doctor will advise you on the next appointment dates for follow-up according to your condition. 

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Need more information?

Have a conversation with us by dialing our Customer Careline or WhatsApp us.

We are here to help.


Do I need special equipment for the Tele-Consultation?

No, you will just need a phone or a laptop. Any means of consultation will do fine. You could also call us to confirm.

How can the doctor diagnose me without a physical exam?

By knowing your medical history, 90% of the evaluation could be done. Together with the specific tests and movements that we may ask you to perform, the diagnosis could be made.
In cases where face-to-face treatment is deemed ‘ESSENTIAL’, we will arrange Home Physiotherapy sessions at your place.

Is it private and confidential?

Absolutely, we strictly adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of our client’s information.

What do I have to prepare?

It is best that you prepare according to the  following checklist:

  1.  Your past and current medical history
  2. Wear loose-fitting clothing where movements are not restricted 
  3. Enough space for movements to be carried out
Do I need a referral letter for Tele-Consultation Service?

No, you do not need a referral letter. 

Do you accept Tele-Consultation for countries other than Malaysia?

Yes, we do! And in fact, that’s the benefit of Tele-Consultation Service. It gives you instant access to global quality healthcare wherever you are!

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