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We Provide an EXTENSIVE RANGE of Services


Acupuncture is a technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which successfully treats pain through the insertion of needles at specific acupuncture points to balance the body’s Chi. Learn More

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems faced by many. Give us a call and we will handle your back pain. Learn More

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a form of therapy where suction cups are placed around various parts of the body. The main principle behind cupping is that the suction created encourages blood and lymph flow to promote the healing of a broad range of medical ailments. Learn More

Chiro Spinal Adjustments

The chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic manipulation that ‘opens up’ a joint. A chiropractor uses controlled force and velocity directed at specific joints to loosen the tight spot. Learn More

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a form of Western Acupuncture which involves multiple insertions of acupuncture needles into the tight muscles. The aim is to release muscle tension and pain. Learn More

Evaluation and Treatment Plans

The first step to successful treatment starts from a precise evaluation and planning. Learn More

Gym Optimization and Rehab

We will come to your gym and analyze the way you perform your training, then we will give you recommendations to optimize your training according to the kinesiology of our musculoskeletal system. Learn More

Nursing Home Visits

Our team of Certified Physical Therapist are fully trained to provide premium quality assistance to your Nursing Home Residents. Scheduling of recurring therapy and appointments are available. Learn More

Post-Operation Rehabilitation

Post-Op or Post-Surgery Rehabilitation is a Physical Therapy intervention following surgery. The main goals are to accelerate recovery and promote healing. Learn More

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises are specific and planned body movements or exercises which aim to treat body discomfort and pain. Learn More

Groundbreaking Integrated Therapy

We combine and integrate the best of both worlds:

  • Western Medicine
  • Chinese Medicine

= Excellent Results!

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You could first write down all your medical history on a piece of paper.

"During MCO, I suffered from neck and back pain due to constant online meetings and class teaching for my students. I couldn’t sleep well at night for a week. So, I decided to engage with physiotherapy service provided by HomePhysio. After my second session of spinal adjustment and “guasa” , I can feel my body is lighter and doesn’t have tight sensation anymore! Thanks for the physio session during this critical period!"


Madam Chew
Retired Teacher

"我的妈妈在今年三月份的时候因为背后疼痛,导致她无法正常走路,也无法坐着久一些吃饭。每天就躺着在床上不想要走动。每次一坐起来,背后的脊椎就会发出“咔”的巨响。可是近期她做了一个疗程的物理治疗后,现在能使用她的拐杖行走,也可以坐着好好吃她的每一餐了! 最重要的是她的背后不再发出“咔”的声音,痛的感觉的没有了。 谢谢 homephysio.com.my 治疗师的专业治疗, 感恩。"


Ms Teoh

"My dad was suffering from stroke for 1 year until I met Ms Tan. Taking care of my dad wasn’t easy at all, but Ms Tan did it very well. Under her rehabilitation program, my father progressed very quickly. His limbs are loosened and he even started to stand! Thank you so much. Highly recommend HomePhysio.com.my"


Li Wen
Manager, Intel

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