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Specialized Services


Stroke Rehab

Physical therapy helps people regain independence and reduce the risk of further strokes. We designed the ACE method to help stroke patients recover best at home. Learn how it work!


Geriatric Rehab

Physical therapy for the elderly aims to assist with mobility restoration, pain reduction, increase fitness and exercise levels, and other benefits in the elderly and ageing.



We help to improve Parkinson’s patient’s independence and quality of life. Our therapists have undergone special training (LSVT) to systematically treat Parkinson’s Disease for the best results!



Did you know Physical Therapy plays a huge role in Pediatric rehab? From cerebral palsy, development disorder to torticollis, we treat it all.

post surgery


Post-Operation rehabilitation is very crucial for the best recovery. Delaying physical therapy will affect results. Wait no more, call us now!



Physiotherapy helps patients with Dementia maintain function longer and at a higher level which ultimately improves the quality of life.


Cancer Care

Our physiotherapy cancer care therapy program could benefit patients in many ways, including reducing and preventing disability and alleviating distress.



Anything to do with musculo-skeletal pain is of our speciality. We treat muscles, bone and nerves injury through various therapeutic manual therapy.


End of Life Care

Physical therapy helps in pain management, through positioning to prevent pressure sores, prevent contractures, and help with breathing and digestion.

How It Works

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schedule consultation

Schedule Consultation

Schedule an appointment with our Consultant Doctor for Tele-Consultation Service.

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Tele Consultation

Tele- Consultation

Our Consultant Doctor will assess and plan together with you a personalized care plan.

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Home Visit

We Come To You

Our Licensed Physiotherapist comes to your home fully equipped with all the necessary equipment.