3 Reasons How Geriatric Physiotherapy Brings Your Body Back To YOUNGER DAYS!

geriatric physiotherapy
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The effects of ageing on our bodies are a strong reality that each of us must face.

We are increasingly exposed to osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia and other conditions as our musculoskeletal system suffer the passing of the years.

Fortunately, this can be prevented or at least delayed by effective physiotherapeutic programs, and that is what HomePhysio.com.my provides.

Why is geriatric physiotherapy service important for the elderly at home?

Physiotherapy for the elderly puts into practice the most laborious methods of care. Over the years, the gradual loss of muscular strength becomes something important at very advanced ages. It supposes an extra strain on key joints such as the hips, knees and ankles. This translates into arthropathy or everyday problems such as falls or severe pain. 

In young people, the risks of fractures, muscle tears or other injuries are not that high on a day-to-day basis. Still, therapy services (especially those provided by HomePhysio.com.my) for stress, tension or anxiety are always recommended for any age. The care for the older ones must be done considering what is more specific to them:

  • Ageing is accompanied by loss of calcium and bone density (which may be osteopenia or osteoporosis, depending on the severity of the loss).
  • The vertebrae also lose density and become more fragile.
  • The elderly are much more vulnerable to osteoarthritis because of the wear and tear on their joints, which are also more susceptible to injuries.
  • Flexibility is also a problem at a certain age due to the weakening of ligaments and tendons.

Therapy for the prevention of ongoing physical complications is probably a more challenging job in aged people, as the differences between their physical condition and that of the young body are very evident. HomePhysio.com.my can offer geriatric physiotherapy treatment techniques, medical knowledge and all the specific care required by our elderly at home.

: services for the healing and wellness of all patients 

Geriatric physiotherapy can be an excellent alternative to prevent the conditions that come with ageing or intense physical activity. HomePhysio.com.my would be the first choice in this field due to the comfort and professionalism of our medical and therapeutic assistance. We have a vast selection of ways to help you: therapies for Pediatric Rehabilitation, Post Operation, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Dementia, Orthopedics, Women’s Care and more.

We believe that geriatric physiotherapy is most effective not only because of the quality of the assistance program it follows, but also because of the environment in which it is provided. Usually, the home is an ideal place to help patients. At HomePhysio.com.my, we offer our main services based on this belief (Teleconsultation, Home Physical Therapy and Home Nursing Care).

Your body does not have to feel the effects of the years. All you have to do is add geriatric physiotherapy service to your daily life. And you do not even have to leave the house for that! We offer you a very professional and remote service (tele-consultation), or we can come to you. Our service is adapted to your comfort and you can access it with a click: HomePhysio.com.my.


What does Geriatric Physiotherapy do?

Depending on the different conditions that an elderly might have, each individual might have different needs and requirements. Generally, the aim for elderly physiotherapy includes the below:

  • Reduce risks of falls
  • Improve cognitive functions
  • Increase independence in daily activities
  • Maintain healthy lifestyle
  • Lifestyle modification to improve Quality of Life
  • Enhance social participation
  • Improve motor functions

Different types of exercises will be provided to reach the goals above, including aerobic endurance exercises, strengthening exercises, flexibility stretching training, balancing training and coordination exercises.

Aerobic Endurance Exercises Training Protocol

We suggest that elderly should do more rhythmic aerobic activities, eg: walking, jogging swimming, etc. Compared to jogging, brisk walking & race walking are recommended.

Intensity is recommended to be within 60%-80% of Maximal Heart Rate. For elderly with cardiac problems, they should start from 40% of Maximal Heart Rate instead.

Duration: 25~50 min/Day

Frequency: 3~5 days/Week

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